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Microblade vs Machine

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The perfect, long-lasting brow can be achieved using one of two specialist techniques: via a digital intelligent machine or by the micro blade hand tool method. But a question I get asked time and time again is, what’s the difference?

Permanent makeup is also known as micropigmentation, dermapigmentation or permanent cosmetics. While the names may be different, the process is essentially the same: it’s a form of tattooing, where pigment is planted into the upper dermal layer of the skin, via small needles or blades.

Digital Intelligent Machine

The cosmetic tattooing machine uses fine needles to gently implant pigment into the skin. This technique can create different styles, from realistic hair strokes, to various shaded, bolder looking fuller brows.

Microblade Technique

Microblading also follows a tattooing-style technique, however the individual, thin hair strokes are hand-tooled into the skin via a series of small pins, which create a blade.  Each stroke is meticulously embedded into the skin, following the direction and length of existing hairs for a result that’s almost imperceptible.  A pigment bath is added to the brow area at the end of the treatment so that the pigment can soak into the hair stroke created.

So whether you want a dramatic powder brow or a more realistic brow composed of individual strokes, permanent makeup can maintain your desired brow shape all day, every day.

Still not sure which procedure to go for? Not to worry. We’ll cover all your options during a consultation and make sure your treatment is tailored to your aesthetics, facial features and lifestyle.

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